Bumper structures

Plastic bumper is composed of an outer plate, cushioning materials and beams of three parts. Wherein the outer panel and the cushioning material is made of plastic, beams of cold-rolled sheet with a thickness of about 1.5 mm stamped U-shaped groove; outer panel and a cushioning material attached to the beams, the beams and frame rails screw connection, can be removed at any time. The plastic used in plastic bumpers, generally use two polyester and polypropylene materials, the use of injection molding into the legal system.
     Such as the Peugeot 405 car bumper, with a polyester material and made by reaction injection molding method. The Audi 100, Golf, Santana Shanghai, Tianjin and other popular models Charade car bumper, with a polypropylene injection molding material into the legal system. There is also a known foreign plastic polycarbonate system, infiltrated alloy composition, the injection molding method using alloy, machined not only has a high strength bumper rigidity, but also has the advantage of welding, and good coating performance, the amount of the car more and more.

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