Future Mechanical Engineering

     Mechanical engineering and human living environment are closely related.
     Energy, the recent improvements in nuclear fission power plants, the development of solar, geothermal, tidal energy, ocean thermal energy, etc., can reduce dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels. From a long-term perspective, nuclear fusion is a promising and virtually inexhaustible energy future. To the present and future success is based nuclear physics, mechanical engineering and other engineering and technology together in the 21st century to complete the development and promotion of nuclear fusion power plant could solve the world's energy problems. Use this new energy at the same time eliminate the carbon dioxide pollution of the atmosphere.
     The crust and seawater abundant reserves of the metal deposits. As long as mining and beneficiation process improvement and increase mining, mineral processing machinery performance to take advantage of lower grade ore can be economically and full recovery of scrap metal, there is enough energy in the conditions of supply, no worries about the lack of metal material resources.
After the coal, oil, natural gas and other fuels are no longer used as mass and is mainly used as raw material for the synthesis of the supply of non-metallic material is also available to ensure the long-term.
     Waste gas, waste water and other environmental sources of chemical engineering, metallurgical engineering and other production processes generated through improved processes, increased purifying machinery and facilities and to improve the efficiency of their purification, is technically capable of being eliminated.
     Mechanical engineering has always been to increase production, improve labor productivity, improve productivity of the economy, namely to improve the recent interest as a target for the development of mankind and the development of new machinery. In the coming era, the development of new products will reduce the consumption of resources, the development of clean, renewable energy, governance, reduce or even eliminate environmental pollution as a super economic objectives and tasks.
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