Mechanical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Mechanical engineering is a traditional engineering techniques. Machinery can be accomplished man with both hands and feet and eyes and ears done directly can not directly work done, and done faster and better. Modern mechanical engineering to create a more sophisticated and increasingly complex machinery and mechanical devices, so that in the past many fantasies become reality. Now mankind has been able to upstream sky and the universe, dive deep ocean, peep ten billion light-years away, near the police cells and molecules. New computer hardware and software so that mankind began to strengthen the scientific and technological means to partially replace the human brain, which is artificial intelligence. This new development has shown a huge impact, but it will continue in the coming years to create a miracle that people can not imagine.
     Growth does not reduce the role of human intelligence hands, on the contrary it requires the hand for more and more sophisticated, more complex work, and thus more to promote hand function. Practice hand turn promote the wisdom of the human brain. In humans throughout evolution, as well as each person's growth process, the brain and the hands are parallel to each other and to promote evolution. The relationship between artificial intelligence and mechanical engineering approximates the relationship between brain and hand. The difference is that only the hardware but also need to use artificial intelligence machinery manufactured. In the past, various mechanical inseparable from human operation and control, the reaction is limited by the speed and precision of operations is very slow evolution of the human brain and nervous system. AI eliminates this restriction. Mechanical engineering can take advantage of this great new possibilities arise. Promote computer science and mechanical engineering between each other, parallel forward, will make mechanical engineering to start a new round of development at a higher level.

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