Roll forming machinery and equipment

With the development of technology, roll forming technology also has been rapid development. Roll Forming Machinery Factory has become indispensable to some professional machinery. Then roll forming machinery in use also need attention.
First, choose a flat surface, place the machine stable chassis foot panels can be opened so that the machine easy to observe. The hand-held sensor head plug into the socket on the front panel and tighten, note the positioning notch.
Secondly, the outlet end of the power cord plug into the chassis rear panel, and the other end into a power supply outlet, be sure to use a single-phase three-wire power. Then "the power switch (POWER SW.)" After the board to open the case, according to the panel, "Power Switch (SWITCHING)" button, to be "ready (WARM UP)" green light is on, the machine can work. Hold down the "Settings button (SETTING BUTTON)" button to set the appropriate value, typically between 0.5 and 2.0 seconds.
Again on the container lid on top of the sensor head, press the start button on the handle, then the "heating (HEATING)" red indicator light, said it is heated, do not remove the sensor head, "heating (HEATING)" red light off then remove the sensor head.
Finally, other "ready (WARM UP)" green light or a beep sound short "beep" prompt after sealing operations can be carried out under a container. Check the sealing quality, depending on the material, and the diameter of the container production efficiency, proper dressing "setting button (SETTING BUTTON) key, making the best sealing quality.

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