Roll forming machinery and equipment

With the development of technology, roll forming technology also has been rapid development. Roll Forming Machinery Factory has become indispensable to some professional machinery. Then roll forming machinery in use also need attention.
First, choose a flat surface, place the machine stable chassis foot panels can be opened so that the machine easy to observe. The hand-held sensor head plug into the socket on the front panel and tighten, note the positioning notch.

Mechanical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Mechanical engineering is a traditional engineering techniques. Machinery can be accomplished man with both hands and feet and eyes and ears done directly can not directly work done, and done faster and better. Modern mechanical engineering to create a more sophisticated and increasingly complex machinery and mechanical devices, so that in the past many fantasies become reality. Now mankind has been able to upstream sky and the universe, dive deep ocean, peep ten billion light-years away, near the police cells and molecules.

Bumper structures

Plastic bumper is composed of an outer plate, cushioning materials and beams of three parts. Wherein the outer panel and the cushioning material is made of plastic, beams of cold-rolled sheet with a thickness of about 1.5 mm stamped U-shaped groove; outer panel and a cushioning material attached to the beams, the beams and frame rails screw connection, can be removed at any time. The plastic used in plastic bumpers, generally use two polyester and polypropylene materials, the use of injection molding into the legal system.

Future Mechanical Engineering

     Mechanical engineering and human living environment are closely related.


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